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This set of camping chairs is perfect for couples who want to relax by the fireside or on the beach

Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chairs
Tommy Bahama chairs are made from aluminum, which means they're rust-free and easy to handle and carry to your favorite lazy spot. The padded headrests ensure you and your partner will lounge in comfort. You can choose from five positions, ensuring you're in charge of how you sit in your Tommy Bahama. Even if you're slightly bigger, no problem. The Tommy Bahama handles a 300 pound load. When you dry off after a swim, simply hang your towel over the folding towel bar. And when it's time to pack up and go, the rubber carry handle ensures the chairs are easy to carry.
tommy bahama backpack cooler chairs

It took John a few hours, but camp is set up and the coals almost ready to singe a lump of steak.

He grabs a beer from the cooler box on the back of his truck and heads for his chair, majestically awaiting its king an arm’s length from where he’ll be performing the ancient ritual of preparing the meat for him and his wife.

He sinks into his chair and lets out a sigh. For a second he closes his eyes and soaks in the moment.

But it’s not long before an annoying squeak tickles him out of The Land of Bliss.

There it is again. What is that?

He frowns towards his wife who’s desperately trying to make herself comfortable in her cheap camping chair they’d bought earlier that day just to have something for her to sit on this weekend.

The glare she gives John makes him uncomfortable. He clears his throat and moves around in his chair a little to feign discomfort.

If his wife finds out that John’s comfortable while she’s not there’ll be hell to pay all weekend.

John will make it through the weekend, albeit with his wife unhappy with him for not having bought her a proper camping chair.

But he can score Brownie Points once they’re home. He can really make his wife’s day by getting this set of Tommy Bahama camping chairs.

Not only are they rust-proof because they’re made from aluminum, they’re also lightweight, which means they’re easy to carry to the spot you want to camp out on.

These chairs come with a padded headrest for extra comfort. Furthermore, you can choose from five positions to get yourself in the perfect position for doing absolutely nothing. Want to take a long nap? Pop out the folding towel bar, put the chair in the fully reclined position and drift away.

The rubber carry handle ensures the chair sits comfortably in your hand and won’t cut into your skin when you’re moving it.

And because these chairs come with insulated storage and cargo pouches, you’ve got more than enough storage space for everything from books to your cell phone. It even comes with a handy cup holder.

The folding towel bar gives you space to hang your wet towel to dry, ready for the next time you want to cool down and dry yourself.

The Tommy Bahama camping chair is finished off with a strong 600 denier polyester fabric and handles a weight of up to 300 pounds, making it super sturdy and ultra-strong.

Want to add more peace to your marriage? Make sure your wife is at least as comfortable as you when you go camping. Get a set of Tommy Bahama camping chairs.

Product highlights

Adjustable with five positions, including fully reclined so you can really lay back and do nothing in style.
Handles up to 300lbs per chair, which means you and your missus don't have to stress about these chairs breaking easily.