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This Sound Bar comes with integrated Fire TV 4K streaming media player, offering a complete home cinema experience with fantastic sound

The TCL Alto sound bar comes with Fire TV 4K streaming media player integrated. Get access to your favorite entertainment providers, including Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, CBS All Access, Showtime, Amazon Music, Starz and others. The Alto comes with ear-blowing sound to give you a feeling of being in the movie with your favorite stars. The Alto spots Dolby Digital Plus and carefully tuned drivers for clear sound. Love bass? The Alto comes with a built-in sub-woofer. With three sound settings, News, Music and Movie, you can listen the way you want to.

No problem!

With TCL’s new Alto sound bar your sound is sorted!

With its integrated Fire TV 4K streaming media player the TCL Alto ensures you don’t need to get an additional device for streaming your favorite shows.

You’ve got access to all your favorite providers, including CBS All Access, Spotify, Netflix, Prime Video, Amazon Music, Showtime, YouTube and Starz, as well as a host of others. Of course, if you’re not subscribed to a service you’ll need to do so first before you can glam it in your lounge.

The TCL Alto smashes your ears and face (gently) with it’s phenomenal sound, making you feel like you’re in the movie! With Duane Johnson! The Rock is here! Or you’re slow dancing in a burning room with John Mayer! And the flames are reaching higher and higher! And you hear the heat sizzling in your ears!

The TCL Alto’s sound comes with Dolby Digital Plus and carefully tuned drivers for crisp, clear sound to make you feel every rush of wind, fear the flying bullets, hear the cops coming a mile away, taste Taylor Swift’s breath on your neck.

Enjoy bass deeper and richer than a Crystal River Boys song with a sub-woofer built right into the bar.

Who wants to listen to rock music on a News setting? That just makes as much sense as eating fries without mayo.

The Alto comes with 3 optimized sound modes…

  • News
  • Music
  • Movie

…to ensure you have the perfect sound setting for your every need.

And you needn’t worry about losing the remote either.

First you had to get up to turn a knob or flick a switch; then came the corded remote; then the wireless remote; and finally…

Awesome voice remote!

The Alto comes with Voice Remote with Alexa, which means you can dig in, crack open a beer, rip open a packet of chips and command your way through endless entertainment bliss. Search for TV shows, control smart home devices, play music and launch apps, all with your voice.

The TCL Alto will rock your world. Get it today!

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Product highlights

Complete home cinema experience with integrated 4K streaming media player.

Optimized sound modes; choose between movie, music or news mode and get the perfect listening experience.

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