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This spa chair is not for the average upper-class lady

So comfortable you'll probably fall asleep while you receive a private facial.
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Emma should have had NUMA Swivel+ 4 spa chairs installed in her private spa.

The NUMA Swivel+ 4 is the ultimate in spa luxury, perfect for facials and for receiving Cleopatra-level pampering in the utmost of style.

The Swivel+ comes with a near infinite number of positions, which means your personal beautician won’t have a problem seeing your face at the perfect angle for every conceivable treatment.

The full 240 degree rotation, of course, only makes it so much easier.

The Swivel+ 4 comes with no less than three sets of foot pedals on each side of the chair, which means your beautician can easily control the height, seat and backrest inclination while she’s working on your face.

The four motors driving each of the chair’s movable function are powerful enough to easily change your position.

The chair is so comfortable your beautician will probably have to wake you from time to time!

The built-in toggle switches at the back and on the side of the chair includes a function that resets the Swivel+ 4 back to its seated position, ready to be used for your next facial.

And if you need a treatment that requires you to be in the Trendelenburg position, the Swivel+ 4 can give you that.

Because the Swivel+ 4’s armrests are removable, it gives even more freedom for your beautician to work her wonders on your already beautiful body.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort for your private spa, you cannot walk past the NUMA Swivel+ 4.

Product highlights

Near infinite number of positions, which means you'll be comfortable no matter what treatment you require.

Comfortable padding means you'll probably fall asleep while receiving your treatment.

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