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This tool gets your wood smooth in no time and works better than an orbital sander

The Bosch ROS20VSC's 2.5 amp motor is strong enough to handle most DIY sanding jobs. Because the sander is direction-agnostic, you can sand in any direction; it won't leave marks. The pad dampening system eliminates swirl marks, ensuring your project is smooth. The hook-and-loop disc attachment system makes changing sanding paper super easy. The variable speed adjustment means you can adjust the speed according to your sanding needs, while the dust collector (with micro filter) keeps your place from filling up with dust as you sand.

The Bosch ROS20VSC palm sander comes with a porful 2.5 AMP motor, which means it’s strong enough to cover your every DIY wood sanding need.

The random orbit action ensures you can sand any which way—with the grain, across the grain, diagonally, round, square—and your surface will look great.

Bosch’s pad dampening system eradicates swirl marks, ensuring your project turns out smooth as jazz.

Need to change to a higher grit sanding paper to get an even smoother finish? Bosch’s signature hook-and-loop disc attachment system makes it easy. Works like Velcro. Just tear off the current disc and stick on the new one, aligning the holes, and you’re good to go.

Need to increase your material removal rate? Just turn the speed up using the variable speed knob.

Worried about clogging your lungs with dust? Easily clip on the dust collector with micro filter and make sure you trap those dangerous dust particles. And when you’ve finished sanding, unclip the dust collector and shake out in your bin.

But don’t believe this post. Read a full review of the Bosch ROS20VSC random orbit sander to see how well it works.

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Product highlights

Direction agnostic, meaning you can sand in any direction, even across the grain, unlike with other sanding tools.

Easy to use and fast enough for DIY woodworking projects.

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