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Look, your bad-boy, hand-block sandpapering might impress your buddy, but your wife wants her nightstand yesterday, so you better up your sanding game

Bosch ROS20VSC palm sander
Are you still using a hand block and sandpaper like a caveman? Well, let me introduce you to the 21st century: the Bosch ROS20VSC. This bad boy boasts a 2.5-amp motor, strong enough to handle even the most stubborn of surfaces. Unlike your trusty hand block, this sander is direction-agnostic, meaning you can sand in any direction without leaving marks. And no more pesky swirl marks with its pad dampening system, leaving your project as smooth as a baby's bottom. But wait, it gets better! The hook-and-loop disc attachment system makes changing sanding paper a breeze, leaving more time for you to sit on the couch and scratch your belly. And with the variable speed adjustment, you can tailor the speed to your specific sanding needs like a pro. And the cherry on top? The dust collector with micro filter keeps your space as clean as a whistle, unlike the dust storm created by your hand block. So, leave the caveman ways behind and join the future with the Bosch ROS20VSC.
bosch ros20vsc palm sander

You’ve finally finished the set of nightstands your wife “requested” from you a while ago.

All you need to do now is add a finishing touch.

She wanted hers to be pink and yours to be whichever color you prefer, as long as she’s OK with it.

But before you start the paint job you want to sand the nightstands.

So, you reach for a piece of sandpaper and start sanding to the best of your ability.

You’re not really an expert on finishing and it’s not long before you realize you should have maybe watched a YouTube video on how to sand wood.

Oh wow, rubbing the sandpaper across the grain like that’s really not working well. Better see if you can get it smooth again.

This is going to take a while.

If only there were a tool to speed up your sanding so you can get the nightstands done and your wife happy again.

The Bosch ROS20VSC palm sander comes with a powerful 2.5 AMP motor, which means it’s strong enough to cover your every DIY wood sanding need.

The random orbit action ensures you can sand any which way—with the grain, across the grain, diagonally, round, square—and your surface will look great.

Bosch’s pad dampening system eradicates swirl marks, ensuring your project turns out smooth as jazz.

Need to change to a higher grit sanding paper to get an even smoother finish? Bosch’s signature hook-and-loop disc attachment system makes it easy. Works like Velcro. Just tear off the current disc and stick on the new one, aligning the holes, and you’re good to go.

Need to increase your material removal rate? Just turn the speed up using the variable speed knob.

Worried about clogging your lungs with dust? Easily clip on the dust collector with micro filter and make sure you trap those dangerous dust particles. And when you’ve finished sanding, unclip the dust collector and shake out in your bin.

But don’t believe this post. Read a full review of the Bosch ROS20VSC random orbit sander to see how well it works.

Product highlights

Direction agnostic, meaning you can sand in any direction, even across the grain, unlike with other sanding tools.
Easy to use and fast enough for DIY woodworking projects.