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This tool is far better than a broom and will help keep your workshop super clean

Guardair N301BC
The Guardair N301BC is a tough industrial vacuum cleaner that's perfect for a real workshop. Plug this tough steel vacuum cleaner into your compressor and start sucking up dirt like a pro. The 18 gauge heavy duty steel drum begs to be thrown around, unlike a flimsy home vacuum cleaner. With a 30 gallon capacity you have enough room to suck up dirt until the cows come home. This is a no-nonsense, low-tech vacuum designed to be manhandled.
guardair pneumatic vacuum n301bc

Paul’s at it again, hacking and dragging a broom across his workshop floor to try and get it clean.

The broom works OK on some sections, but there are parts where oil and other strange liquids form a sludge that’s impossible to get rid of.

And then there are the wood and metal chips stuck in all the corners and crevices that he simply can’t reach with his broom.

But Paul’s been told that a broom is the best tool for really getting the dirt out of his workshop.

So he keeps hacking and dragging and sweeping and picking up.

Never mind the fact that all his sweeping is causing dirt particles to take flight and settle elsewhere.

Never mind the tremendous pressure he puts on his back from bending over and straining this way and that.

By the time Paul’s done with the workshop, he’s finished!

He’s trying to build a business, but just cleaning his place sucks his energy, which he should be saving to spend on making happy clients.

And did his sweeping get the place clean?

If you consider dust and dirt moved to a different location clean, then yes.

But if you have common sense, you’ll know the answer is an absolute no.

Paul should invest in a vacuum cleaner.

But not just any vacuum cleaner. Certainly not something that looks like it comes out of a girl’s catalog. Paul is a man’s man, after all!

Paul’s vacuum cleaner needn’t look like a futuristic electric car display at a motor show.

No, he needs a monster of a vacuum cleaner that works like the child of Terminator and Johnny 5.

Paul needs the Guardair N301BC.

The Guardair N301BC is an industrial vacuum cleaner made for the toughest of workshop vacuuming jobs.

It’s not your average home vacuum cleaner, so don’t expect it to work like one.

The Guardair runs off compressed air. Simply plug in your shop compressed air and start using the Guardair N301BC. It doesn’t come with a motor or complicated parts and offers trouble free shop vacuuming every busy workshop owner will appreciate.

Throw your Guardair around. Because it’s a rugged steel constructed vacuum cleaner with an 18 gauge heavy duty steel drum you don’t have to treat it with gentlemanly respect like you would a home vacuum cleaner.

The steel drum has a 30 gallon capacity, which means you’ll be sucking up plenty of dirt before it needs emptying.

The Guardair generates enough lift to suck up the most stubborn of dirt. That includes liquids, dust, chips, debris and sludge.

Powered by compressed air, always dependable and trouble free with no motors or moving parts to wear out, Guardair Drum Vacuums generate exceptional vacuum lift and vacuum flow while operating quietly and efficiently.

If you want a hassle-free vacuum cleaner for your workshop that’ll handle the knocks of a workshop, get the Guardair N301BC.

Product highlights

Tough, no nonsense metal design with 18 gauge 30 gallon drum means it can handle being treated with no respect.
Sucks up just about anything, including liquids and solids.