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This travel mug has the best heat retention and is super easy to clean and use

CamelBak Forge 16oz
If you love your coffee, treat it well by getting the amazing CamelBak Forge, scientifically proven to be better than two other top brand travel mugs. The Forge is super easy to disassemble and clean. There are no rubber parts that are difficult to remove when your hands are wet. This is as near to travel mug perfection as you'll get.
camelbak forge

You’re in need of a travel mug for your hiking excursions.

Cos the only thing missing from a beautiful day out in nature is a good couple of swigs of strong liquid caffeine.

So, you stroll into your nearest Walmart and grab the cheapest mug you can find, but soon realise why it was such a “steal”.

Every time you take a sip, it gushes coffee all over you!

And it holds about as much heat as an iceberg.

And reassembling it after cleaning requires a degree in mechanical engineering.

So, you give up on the whole travel mug idea and decide to “drink more water”, thereby shaming the whole of mankind through your obstinate rejection of the world’s greatest beverage.

(That’s why nobody wants to go hiking with you anymore!)

Or you could get the amazing CamelBak Forge 16 oz travel mug.

Here’s why…

Because of the advanced double wall insulation, your coffee stays hot for hours. (There’s a link at the end of this article. Click it to see just how well the CamelBak Forge retains heat.)

And to drink from it, simply press a button at the back of the lid set and sip. And if you don’t want to keep pressing the button, activate the lock to keep it open and drink to your heart’s content.

But do you really want to spend your evening cleaning a travel mug after a wonderful day out hiking?

With the CamelBak Forge, you don’t have to, because it’s so easy to clean.

Simple unscrew the lid set from the tumbler, put both in the sink, wash in hot water with soap and rinse.

Then place it on the rack to dry.

It’s as easy as that!

Some travel mugs require the removal of rubber parts. Trust me, when your fingers are wet, it’s a laborious task!

So if you’re looking for a travel mug that keeps your coffee hot for many hours and is easy to use and clean, get the CamelBak Forge. You won’t regret it!

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Product highlights

Excellent heat retention compared to other top travel mugs.
Easy to use and easy to clean.