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This TV is not for the faint of heart

The LG SIGNATURE OLED88Z9PUA comes with LG's GEN 2 intelligent processor, turning your TV time into prime viewing time. The LG also sports a six-step noise reduction function to give you a clearer picture. It's not just superior graphics. The LG also comes with amazing sound so you don't have to turn on subtitles to understand what's going on in the movie. The 88Z9PUA also features integration with Google Assistant and Alexa. The 8K OLED display gives you an astoundingly realistic viewing experience. The built-in AirPlay lets you cast from your iPhone or Mac.

It would be a different story if Peter owned an LG SIGNATURE OLED88Z9PUA.

Yes, he’d have to share the TV with his wife and that would be agony, because surely she’d double up on her TV time because of the awesome experience she’ll have.

But Peter’s TV time would also turn into a glorious jaunt.

LG’s GEN 2 intelligent processor takes images and turns them into spine tingling actuality right in your living room.

The LG’s six step noise reduction function ensures that NO noise comes through whatsoever, which means you’ll see every pixel as clearly as if you’re right there holding a camera boom on the set of the blockbuster you’re watching.

The LG SIGNATURE OLED88Z9PUA is powered by AI, which means you’re getting sound so excellent you’d probably want to turn it down a little for the neighbor’s sake. (He’s still got an older television that requires him to sit really close and have the volume at 100%, so it’s best you play the part of the good neighbor.)

The 88Z9PUA is the first television to integrate Alexa and Google Assistant with LG ThinQ AI technology.

The 88Z9PUA’s image and sound are inspired by cinema, with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos built in. When you watch a movie or series, you’ll be convinced you need to do it with a popcorn in one hand and a Coke in the other, to complete the feeling.

The Real 8K OLED pixels deliver a perfect black screen and 33 million individually lit pixels ensure infinite contrast. This brings out shadow details even in the darkest of scenes.

The LG’s α9 GEN 2 8K Intelligent Processor, created with help from AI, upscales two channel audio to virtual 5.1 surround sound, ensuring you feel every vibe.

Because of the built-in AirPlay you can cast ANYTHING from your iPhone or Mac to the LG AI TV.

Get yourself an LG SIGNATURE OLED88Z9PUA AI TV and ensure your movie and series viewing time remains crips and clear for years to come.

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Product highlights

Perfect black 8K screen with individually lit pixels ensures crisp detail in every scene.

Built-in Dolby sound ensures phenomenal sound that'll blow the neighbor out the building.

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