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Three great camping chairs, including a rocking chair

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One of these camping chairs will meet your needs, and it might be the awesome collapsable rocking chair.
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Going camping?

Don’t forget the camping chair.

In fact, if you don’t invest in the right camping chair your camping trip, which is supposed to suffuse you with serenity, might turn into an irritating outing which leaves you wondering why you didn’t enjoy the trip as much as you know you should have.

It’ll be the chair, but you’ll push that thought aside and blame a co-worker, your spouse or one of the kids.

To ensure your camp seating is sorted (and to save your spouse and kids some wrath), here are three chairs to choose from, one of which is sure to suit your camp seating needs perfectly.

Tommy Bahama backpack cooler chairs

Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chairs
Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chairs

The last thing you want to suffer from, or the last thing you want your spouse to suffer from, is camp chair envy.

It’s a real thing.

And that’s why this set of Tommy Bahama backpack cooler chairs are perfect for your next family camping outing.

And you can use it on the beach too.

Incredibles 2 portable folding sports chair

Disneypixar Incredibles 2 Portable Folding Sports Chair
Disneypixar Incredibles 2 Portable Folding Sports Chair

If you’re a mother with little kids, do you REALLY want to reject them when they want to take their place on your lap by the fireside?

Of course not! What type of a mother would you be to reject your little ones?

But if you’re going to yet again provide comfort by way of becoming a seat, you better be sure your camping chair can handle the load.

That’s why the Incredibles 2 portable folding chair is perfect for you. It can handle a BIG load, so your little one can fall asleep in your arms without you having to worry about falling flat on your behind.

GCI rocker camping chair

Gci Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair
GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair

This is probably the coolest camping chair in the world.

That’s because it combines the typical camping chair design with one of the most relaxing motions invented by man: rocking.

That’s right! The GCI rocking chair camping chair comes with shocks that allow you to sit and rock while you’re chilling by the fire.

But just because it’s such a novel idea you might think it’s not all that tough and can’t handle a load.

Well, it is tough and it does handle a load well, so you can rest assured that it’ll give you many great camping rocks.


There you have it, three types of camping chairs to choose from, one even with a built-in rocker, for the ultimate in tough camping comfort.

Now you can go camping with the knowledge that you’ll get the rest you deserve.

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