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Woodworking tools, workshop tools, sharpeners and other stuff that make men sweat.
The Festool cordless drill comes with a four-speed gearbox, giving you an unparalleled speed range. Drill hard materials at really slow speeds or run the Festool at incredible speeds for smaller holes. The three-chuck system gives you the versatility you need to drill, screw or reach odd angles. The hammer action lets you make quick work of concrete drilling. Its lithium-ion battery gives you hours of productive drilling before you need to recharge.
The dozuki saw cuts on the pull, which offers better control than a saw that cuts on the push. The hardened blade means you’ll get plenty of sawing life out of this tool. The blade is easily replaced by simply loosening a screw, removing the old blade and fastening a new blade. Once you get the hang of a dozuki pull saw you probably won’t want to work with a western saw anymore.
The Work Sharp Ken Onion edition comes with five abrasive belts, which gets you into sharpening straight away. You can sharpen most blades using the Ken Onion, including smooth edged blades, serrated knives, scissors, machetes and axes. Variable speed lets you speed up or slow down as per your sharpening requirements. Need to sharpen at a lower angle? Simply adjust the guide angle. Want to sharpen an ax or other tool with a thick body? Remove the knife guide, set the belt at an angle and use it like an angle grinder.

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