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With this tool you’ll create blades so sharp you won’t have to kill yourself trying to cut things

The Work Sharp Ken Onion edition comes with five abrasive belts, which gets you into sharpening straight away. You can sharpen most blades using the Ken Onion, including smooth edged blades, serrated knives, scissors, machetes and axes. Variable speed lets you speed up or slow down as per your sharpening requirements. Need to sharpen at a lower angle? Simply adjust the guide angle. Want to sharpen an ax or other tool with a thick body? Remove the knife guide, set the belt at an angle and use it like an angle grinder.

Work Sharp has been making knife sharpeners for many decades.

But one of their finest machines is the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition, a machine that works so well you’ll never go without a sharpened knife again.

The Ken Onion Edition comes with 5 abrasive belts to ensure you’ve got the right coarseness for any blade, no matter its condition.

It also comes with variable speed.

Want to sharpen an ax? Set the speed to high and use the coarsest belt to fly through that ax head in a few minutes.

Want to hone a blade that’s already sharp enough? Add the 6000 belt and set the speed to low to give it a polished edge good enough to see your own grin in.

The Ken Onion Edition is versatile, which means you can sharpen a wide variety of blades with a single machine.

This includes smooth edged knives, serrated knives, scissors, axes and machetes.

And because the machine’s belt can be set to a different angle you can use it almost like an angle grinder, to sharpen lawnmower blades.

If you’re looking for a safe, versatile edge sharpening tool, the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition is a magnificent choice.

It works much quicker than many other sharpeners. In fact, some of the best sharpeners can’t compete when it comes to sharpening speed.

Read an in-depth, full review of the Ken Onion Edition and buy it today!

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Product highlights

Works quick so you can get on with the job of cutting like a pro.

Sharpens blades to a keen edge ready to zip through any cutting job.

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