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Introducing the miracle tool that makes knives sharper than a razor blade (not really) and cut through stuff like butter and meat and other stuff

Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition
Congratulations, bud! You're about to become the ultimate DIY master with the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition. Because who needs actual skills when you have five abrasive belts, right? Now, you can finally impress your nagging wife by sharpening her kitchen knives in no time. And let's not forget, the Ken Onion can sharpen almost anything, from smooth edged blades to serrated knives, scissors, machetes, and even axes. And with its variable speed feature, you can sharpen at your own pace, just like a true pro. Plus, you can even adjust the guide angle for those tricky lower angle jobs. And if you're feeling adventurous, why not remove the knife guide and use it like an angle grinder? Because, who needs actual tools or skills when you have the Ken Onion, right?
work sharp ken onion

Welcome home, bud.

Another day, another chance to impress your partner with your culinary skills.

But wait, what’s this?

You reach for a knife, assuming it’s sharp because it’s new?

Oh, bud. When will you learn?

You hack and hack into that onion, but it’s like trying to cut through a brick wall.

You curse the vegetables for being so tough, but it’s not their fault. No, it’s your dull-as-dishwater knife.

But fear not, my dear friend, because Work Sharp has been saving the day with their knife sharpeners for decades.

And the Ken Onion Edition is their crown jewel.

With five abrasive belts, you’ll have the right coarseness for any blade, no matter how dull.

And with variable speed, you can sharpen an ax in minutes or give an already sharp blade a polished edge.

But it’s not just knives…

The Ken Onion Edition can sharpen a wide variety of blades, from smooth edged knives to serrated knives, scissors, axes, and even machetes.

And with the ability to adjust the angle, it’s like having an angle grinder for all your sharpening needs.

So, why waste time and money on new knives, when you can sharpen the ones you already have with the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition?

It’s faster than any other sharpener out there, and versatile enough to handle any blade.

Don’t believe me? Read the indepth review and buy it now, and finally be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Product highlights

Works quick so you can get on with the job of cutting like a pro.
Sharpens blades to a keen edge ready to zip through any cutting job.