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You won’t be limited to single project knitting with these interchangeable knitting needles

After spending hours hunting for the right size knitting needle, you find it. Hooray!!! But alas, the cable is the wrong length. Could this really be happening? Yes, it could, but it doesn't need to anymore! After you've purchased this ChiaoGoo Red Lace Twist Tip Interchangeable Knitting Needle set, you'll have all you need at your fingertips, organized in a stylish fabric case.

Just found a beanie pattern you have to knit?

You have just the right DK weight yarn in your stash and it’s perfect for this beanie.

All you need is a US6 and a US7 in a 16″ needle (the perfect size for knitting beanies in the round). Take the 4″ US6 needle tips, twist them onto the 8″ red cable, tighten it with the T-shaped tightening key, and that gives you a 16″ needle.

Now you’re ready to cast on and join in the round.  Knit the ribbing and then use the key to loosen the tips from the cable, remove one and twist on the US7 needle tip, and do the same on the other end of the cable.  Tighten the tips onto the cable with the key and carry on knitting.

Before you know it your beanie is finished and you’re ready for your next project.

Possibly a fingering weight shawl knitted on a US3?

No problem.

Twist the US3 tips onto the 22″ cable, you’ll need a long cable for a shawl, tighten with the key and cast on.  Could it be easier?

Remember, when knitting an intricate lace or cabled pattern that you can add waste yarn every couple of rows. This is a time-saver when you realize you’ve made a mistake. Simply frog your work back to the waste yarn, pick up your stitches and carry on knitting.

And let me tell you, these ChiaoGoo tips make adding waste yarn effortless. Simply thread your waste yarn through the lifeline hole featured in the tip at the beginning of a row and knit the row as per the pattern. The lifeline will automatically be carried through your stitches. A tip for this: you can even use dental floss as waste yarn, I kid you not!

When you’re close to finishing your shawl and you’ve increased to 500 stitches, the cable is full, you can’t increase another stitch or the stitches will pop off the needle, not a problem!

Can you believe, ChiaoGoo has thought of everything! Included in this set is a cable connector – just join 2 cables together using the cable connector and carry on knitting.

Tired of knitting on that never-ending shawl, or other large project you have taken on? Or has another pattern or yarn caught your eye, but the size tips you need are in use?  The solution to that problem is included in this set as well. Simply use the T-shaped key to loosen the tips from the cable, replace the tips with end stoppers and cast on your new project.

ChiaoGoo packs all of this in a styling fabric case with zipper-pull, so you can keep your tips, cables, key, stoppers and cable connector organized.  And lastly, there is space in this fabric case to add extra tips you can purchase separately as well as extra cables.

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Product highlights

Includes 7 sets of 4" tips in sizes US 2 to US 8 so you can knit from fingering to worsted weight yarn.

Comes with 3 cables of 8", 14" and 22" enabling you to make a needle the length you need.

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