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You’ll be the envy of your neighbors this festive season with these garden additions

Light up your garden with this 105ft 300 LED Christmas Lights String. Your neighbors will be green with envy. People will come from all over town to be dazzled by the festiveness of your home. Decorate your garden with more than a 100 feet of LED lights. The eight settings gives you a new mode every day for more than a week. They're waterproof, so no need to worry when it snows or rains. Not content with one? Join up to four strings.

Your dream can become reality with this 105ft 300 LED String Lights.

With 8 different settings, your lights can be on a different mode every day of the week and 2 modes on Sunday.

With built-in memory function, if the power goes out (because your neighbor overloaded the circuits again) your lights will remember the last setting and continue in that mode.

Waterproof and durable, these lights are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Who wants to hide them indoors though?

You won’t be limited to the festive season to decorate your garden and home with this 105ft 300 LED String Lights. Use them at Halloween, Easter, Parties, Weddings or any other time you feel like celebrating.

And don’t just buy one, they’re extendable – join up to 4 strings.

So come on, make your dream a reality, get them now and make sure your home is decorated in time for Christmas.

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