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You’ll never feel like you’re playing hide and seek in your closet again if you get these

Ever find yourself diving into your closet looking for a matching pair of socks? Ever sweep everything off a shelf onto your bed to find a matching pair of gloves? This won't happen if you owned these 6 Foldable Cube Storage Bins.
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You’ve spent a whole Saturday packing the shelves of your closet neatly. Made sure all your gloves are on a shelf in their sets. All socks have a matching partner.

How long does it last? How long before it’s a jumble of socks, gloves, scarves, shawls, beanies and anything else you’ve shoved on the shelf like purses, belts and a running shoe? A running shoe? How did that get there? Shelves seem to act as a magnet for oddities and they never stay organized.

If you organize your clothing accessories into these SimpleHouseware Foldable Cube Storage Bins and store them on your closet shelves, you’ll find your items remain sorted. The bins have handles so they are easy to move on the shelf.

Product highlights

Place these storage boxes on the shelves in your closet to keep your smaller items organized.

The sides and bottom are reinforced with heavy cardboard so they won't collapse if you store socks or other small or soft items in them.

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